Im Gonna SNAP!!!

October 15, 2009

When you hear someone say…Im Gonna Snap…you typically think they are about to lose it.  But, in this case, not only am I far from losing it; Ive only just found it!

SNAP is an acronym for the title…Survivors Network of  those abused by Priest and Pastors.  This organization was the first organization to publically support myself and the other victims that stood up for justice against our abuser over two years ago.  Judy Jones, Regional Director of SNAP began emailing us and staying in touch with support and encouragement that helped us stay strong in the darkest hour of our journey.

And I have good news!!!  Charleston is now home to the newest SNAP Support Group in the Country.  Our frist meeting was held Tuesday October 13th at the St. Alban’s Public Library.  It was humble beginnings of something we know will soon thrive.

The purpose is simple…to gather and provide support and encouragement for the survivors of sexual abuse and their families.  Such a simple concept, but it yields such high results.  SNAP support is not limited to those who were victimized by clergy, but it is open to anyone who is a survivor of sexual abuse in any capacity.  SNAP knows no age, race, gender or sexuality, but rather only focuses on our common thread of being a survivor!

It’s non-Political! Non-Spiritual!  Non-Religious!  And…its free!!!  We will be meeting monthly at the Charleston Family YMCA and we will be announcing our November meeting date in a week or so.  I encourage you to visit the SNAP website and educate yourself on the focus and aim of this wonderful organization.

I look forward to walking the journey of recovery together with you!

Mike Lewis, Fellow Survivor


2 Responses to “Im Gonna SNAP!!!”

  1. Judy Jones said

    It was my privilege to meet with these survivors… and YES.. they are survivors, not victims!

    I so admire their courage, and the courage of any survivor who has suffered sexual abuse of those who need to have power over others.

    This is a new beginning in West Virginia.. I encourage anyone who has been sexually used and abused… to attend these confidential group support meetings..

    Please stay tuned.. We will also have the date, location and times of the Charleston SNAP support meetings posted on our local web site.

    Thank you Mike, I now have new friends in West Virginia.

    Judy Block Jones of St Louis, SNAP director Ohio Valley, 636-433-2511


    I would like to see one start In Berkeley Springs wv and would be willing to Help make that happen . I feel it is important to many of the community member’s here whom I have already spoken to and have no where to go.
    No one to talk to about it . As this is such a tight net rural town . The need here is Higher than I think is recognized.

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